2017-10-18 05:47 UTC
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  00139071   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-10-17Requesting access to OpenShift Development Environment
  0013924    [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-10-17Staging Fedmsg Relay in CI
  0014003    [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-10-17Please increase default rootfs size from 10G to 20G in centos openshift continuous-infra tenant
  00140082   [CentOS-7]
tweakresolved2017-10-17Please consider merging upstream commit 1c919a5
  00140241   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-10-17Add aarch64 builder to the HPC SIG build tags
  001389072 [CentOS-7]
blockresolved2017-10-13Compiling kernel-plus-3.10.0-693.2.2.el7.centos.plus.src for i686
  00131111   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
majorresolved2017-10-12Enabling ppc64le in Cloud SIG OpenStack build targets
  00134302   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
blockresolved2017-10-12fluentd fails to build
  00134293   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
blockresolved2017-10-12rubygem-cool.io fails to build on missing rubygem-rspec on ppc64le and aarch
  00138621   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-10-12Add repo inheritance for rh-nginx110
  00136073   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-10-12Add repo inheritance for SCLs (sclo7-common-candidate)
  00138122   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-10-12Add NFV SIG ODL Oxygen Build Targets+Destination Tags
  00139572   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-10-12Please add build tag for Sensu 1.1.0+ releases
  00139971   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-10-12Add repo inheritance for rh-nginx110 (rh-perl524)
  00138232   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
featureresolved2017-10-12[CloudSIG] CBS tags hierarchy for OpenStackn Queens
  00139954   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
featureresolved2017-10-09Tag Ceph Luminous for -release
  00139731   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-10-06Please Create PaaS OpenShift origin37-testing repo
  0013810    [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-10-06Please move virt7-ovirt-42-testing tagged packages to testing repository
  001397621 [CentOS-7]
crashresolved2017-10-05Kernel oops and panic
  00139232   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-09-28I'd like access to apps.ci.centos.org
  001390312 [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-09-28Add Zalenium and docker-selenium
  001388811 [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-09-28Set up CI access for the HPC SIG
  00138762   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
majorresolved2017-09-27Need Asciidoctor Installed on Slave03
  001387311 [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
majorresolved2017-09-27Ansible playbooks for buidling and validating composes of a modular Linux OS.
  00137723   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-09-27add Fedora Alternative Arches project to CI
  001391131 [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-09-27Access To CentOS CI for NFS-Ganesh
  001391022 [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-09-27CentOS CI access for nfs-ganesha
  001390221 [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-09-27Account request for ci.centos.org for NFS-Ganesha
  001390121 [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-09-27Access to ci.centos.org for NFS-Ganesha testing.
  00137941   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-09-27Run pagure tests on ci.centos.org
  001389631 [CentOS-6]
crashresolved2017-09-24System Boot Problem - LUKS+kernel 4.13.3
  00135263   [CentOS-7]
featureresolved2017-09-24Please in future kernel release on CentosPlus provide one with kernel compile option CONFIG_LDM_PARTITION enabled
  00130868   [Buildsys]
New package import
minorresolved2017-09-22Import Ceph Luminous
  001257271 [CentOS-7]
crashresolved2017-09-21kernel 3.10.0-514.2.2.el7.x86_64 oopses on boot
  001385031 [CentOS-7]
crashresolved2017-09-20Segmentation Fault when freeradius receive coa-ack or disconnect-ack from NAS
  00138534   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
majorresolved2017-09-20CentOS-Openstack-pike.repo has test repository enabled by default
  00126011511 [CentOS-7]
majorresolved2017-09-17CentOS 7.3 megaraid driver could not support latest Broad RAID adapters
  001246641 [CentOS-7]
minorresolved2017-09-17Only one cpu is successfully detected after upgrade to 3.10.0-514.2.2.el7.x86_64
  00138132   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-09-15Add all architectures for DNF builds
  00137752   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-09-15Upgrade oc on devtools slave
  00129122   [Buildsys]
majorresolved2017-09-11Kernel doesn't build without CONFIG_MEM_SOFT_DIRTY enabled
  001368010   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-09-06Move new SCL packages to buildlogs and mirrors (rh-python36, rh-mariadb102, rh-mongodb34, rh-postgresql96, ...)
  00137272   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-09-05Add the jenkins-mattermost plugin to ci.c.o
  001370211 [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-09-05Access to the CentOS CI Environment - Modular Documentation Project
  00137441   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-09-05I need to add NetworkManager's users
  00137711   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-09-05Please add service account continuous-infra-devel/devel-jenkins to privileged SCC
  00137332   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
featureresolved2017-09-05Create Xen 4.8 directories on buildlogs
  00137641   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
majorresolved2017-09-05Can't access assigned slave VM from CI jump host
  00137613   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
featureresolved2017-09-05CloudSIG: openstack-pike-release (including openstack-common-release)
  001376563 [CentOS-7]
minorresolved2017-09-04wrong colors with "Use colors from system theme"