2018-01-18 07:41 UTC
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  00143741   [Mantis BT @ CentOS]
Functional Issues
majorresolved2018-01-16spam tags in Mantis
  001435511 [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2018-01-15Flatpack tenant for Apps.centos-ci.org
  00143231   [Buildsys]
community buildsys - arm32
minorresolved2018-01-15Access to plague-server
  00143622   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2018-01-11Storage SIG: create CBS tags for GlusterFS-4.0
  00143301   [CentOS-7]
majorresolved2018-01-05kernel-plus 11.6.el7 not available on mirrors
  001394361 [CentOS-7]
trivialresolved2017-12-30kernel panic with kernel version 3.10.0-693.2.2.el7.x86_64
  0010447151 [CentOS-7]
minorresolved2017-12-29add support for touchpad and fn key support for MacBookPro 12,1 (early 2015)
  00142901   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-12-20gerrithub/nfs-ganesha: abort Jenkins jobs when a new patch is posted
  00142722   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-12-20Need a tenant in the openshift environment apps.ci.centos.org:8443 called kubevirt
  0010818146 [CentOS-7]
crashresolved2017-12-17lspci -vv causes PC to hang if LSI megaraid card installed
  00121674   [CentOS-6]
minorresolved2017-12-16warning: erase unlink of /lib/modules/2.6.32-*.el6.x86_64/weak-updates
  00142741   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
majorresolved2017-12-15receiving lots of error syncing pod
  0014250    [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-12-14pls create an openshift tenant for AI CoE
  0014253    [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-12-14Create account for shuels to access kibana
  0014247    [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-12-14Request for account access to CentOS OpenShift environment
  00142611   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-12-14Please create projectatomic-ci.apps.centos.org
  00142372   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-12-08Please sign+push storage[67]-gluster-313-release to the mirrors
  00142261   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
blockresolved2017-12-08Please move virt7-ovirt-42-release tagged packages to mirror.centos.org repository
  00142251   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-12-04Please push storage[67]-gluster-313-testing to the buildlogs.c.o
  00142131   [website]
minorresolved2017-11-30RPM-GPG-KEY-CentOS-SIG-OpsTools is not listed in https://www.centos.org/keys/
  001416511 [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-11-28Create a CI project for MirrorManager2
  00141671   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-11-27Need a tenant in the apps.ci.centos.org openshift environment
  00141931   [mirror]
minorresolved2017-11-27Symlink dir_sizes up a level
  00141711   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
featureresolved2017-11-23New f27 slave for libguestfs
  00140551   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-11-21Add repo inheritance for rh-nodejs4
  00141281   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-11-21Need PAAS SIG cbs build target origin38 origin39
  00140381   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-11-21Please create cbs.centos.org targets for new software collections
  00141541   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-11-21Gluster 3.13 release is appraching, please create needed buildroots and tags
  00000113   [website]
minorresolved2017-11-21proposed new page: Related projects
  00139681   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-11-21Please remove glusterfs-3.11.0-0.1.rc0.el7 from buildlogs.c.o/centos/7/storage/x86_64/gluster-3.10/
  00141561   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-11-21Syncing accounts for container-pipeline project
  00141522   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
minorresolved2017-11-20please enable centos extras in opstools7-sensu-common-el7-build
  00141262   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-11-20Request for access to centos CI system for working with Container pipeline
  00141252   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-11-20Requesting access to CICO for container pipeline testing
  001409811 [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-11-20New Hire on mult-arch team at RedHat
  0014032    [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-11-10Need a tenant in the openshift environment apps.ci.centos.org:8443 container-validation
  001408311 [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
majorresolved2017-11-10OpenStack TripleO-Quickstart gate triggers are no longer tiggering
  0013883    [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-11-08Looks like some staging messages are getting to the production Fedmsg bus
  00140736   [CentOS-7]
crashresolved2017-11-01kernel BUG at fs/xfs/xfs_aops.c:1062!
  00140728   [CentOS-7]
crashresolved2017-10-31Emacs crashes
  001394061 [CentOS-6]
majorresolved2017-10-30perf: symbol lookup error: perf: undefined symbol: _hex_value
  001406211 [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-10-27Access to run unit tests for Factory 2.0 projects
  00128774   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
blockresolved2017-10-25ppc64le pacakges from virt7-ovirt-*-testing are not published on https://buildlogs.centos.org/centos
  00140481   [Buildsys]
community buildsys
featureresolved2017-10-25NeedTags for vpp project for releases
  001396121 [CentOS-7]
minorresolved2017-10-23Bonded interfaces throwing thousands of errors: "kernel: bond1: link status up for interface enp2s0f0, enabling it in 200 ms"
  00140401   [CentOS-7]
trivialresolved2017-10-23grub2-setpassword references the wrong path for EFI-booting systems
  001391562 [CentOS-7]
crashresolved2017-10-19Kernel panic on boot after upgrading to 7.4
  00139071   [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-10-17Requesting access to OpenShift Development Environment
  0013924    [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-10-17Staging Fedmsg Relay in CI
  0014003    [Buildsys]
Ci.centos.org Ecosystem Testing
minorresolved2017-10-17Please increase default rootfs size from 10G to 20G in centos openshift continuous-infra tenant